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    hi, can somebody please help me?

    1) i downloaded an achievement map off this site, unpacked it, and copied it into the tf2 map folder

    2) i loaded up the game, created a new game with a server password and all

    3) i tried getting my friend to join, he says the server is visible, although he cannot join because of 'LAN servers are restricted to local clients (class C)'

    4) i googled for some fixes, and nearly most of them say to put in 'sv_lan 0', but that doesnt work.

    does anyone know whats wrong? any wrong steps there?

    thanks for your attention :)
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    You need to open the internet ports that TF2 uses. This is how that is done:

    EDIT: Oh, and btw... Unless you have altered it, the Username for your internet will be "admin", and your password will be "password"
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    You must also set up a static ip address. There are several tutorials around the net which will help you do so.