Holographic honeycomb textures

Texture Holographic honeycomb textures 1.0

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Oct 26, 2021
Holographic honeycomb textures - Scrolling/nonscrolling outlined/filled honeycomb texture with variable color

Scrolling and non-scrolling, outlined and filled honeycomb textures with a fade-in mipmapping. Good for scifi maps, to show scenery while acting as a boundary for players.


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Jul 1, 2019
Textures are broken, so if you intend to use these you'll need to manually fix them.


Naylte ven, naylte yen.
Nov 14, 2009
It's a nice hack for sprays, but I don't recommend using custom mipmaps for texture fade-in because
  1. it assumes everyone is using the same texture-quality setting (the game uses mipmaps to display lower-res textures to those who are on "low" for example) — this can be overridden but I forget how
  2. mipmap transition spots are dependent on resolution rather than HU distance from the brush
  3. grazing angles are also going to mess with it if players have anisotropic filtering off or low
Instead I recommend setting up a material proxy, similar to the ones used in Half-Life 2 for the Combine energy gates. It would require the material to only work on func_brush entities, but the tradeoffs should be worth it