CTF Holcan A2

The remake of Underpass, and also the Mayan word for "Warrior"

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    Holcan - The remake of Underpass, and also the Mayan word for "Warrior"

    Holcan is a somewhat unique take on capture the flag. The bases and flags are much closer than usual, but there are doors sealing off the easy way into the intel rooms. As soon as the enemy flag is grabbed, the doors begin to slowly open, providing an easy escape from the base. But be warned, as the doors remain open until the intel is retured, so don't help the enemy score!

    With a layout based on the award-winning* ctf_underpass, Holcan should hopefully play well. Over a year has passed since the last major version of Underpass, and I'm proud to finally present its remake/reskin/update with a different name!

    This game mode/layout is very fast-paced, defense is key to victory.

    Yes, it's way overdetailed for an A1, but it is technically A8 if you count all the version of Underpass.

    Special thanks to @Exactol for the improved torch particles, @Yrr for making the locked door textures, @RaVaGe for putting together the trees, and special thanks to everyone working on the Mayann Project for making some sweet assets!

    As usual, don't hesitate to leave some feedback, and thanks for taking the time to look at my map!
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  2. MaccyF

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    Congratulations on being one of the only authors to use the Mayann assets tastefully

    P.S two complete art passes before beta? That's a bold strategy Cotton...
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  3. Nicky

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    The 9th screenshot on the Overview tab reminds me a lot of the cs map Aztec. Really nice work my dude!
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  4. basilhs333

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    looks really nice i like where this is going
    continue with the good work
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  5. Jekyllson

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    That's a really interesting concept, that it's easier to escape than it is to get in, and that by taking the enemy's flag, you may be inadvertently helping them to score faster. I hope it ends up being as interesting a map as it sounds! Good use of the Mayann look, too.
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  6. theatreTECHIE

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    I noticed while running around that the area portal in the intel room isn't quite set up optimally, as it makes certain objects not render when looking at it in a particular way:
    Maybe make the area portal slanted a bit so that everything renders properly.

    Really nice work on the detailing though.
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  7. 14bit

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    • Partially renovated Intel rooms
      • Added a bit of cover to help defenders set up
      • Added a small health pack on new platform
      • Added some subtle team coloring (I'll do more later)
    • Reworked area outside flag doors
      • Flag runners are now directed more towards the center of the map rather than the sides
    • Lighting fixes
      • Intel rooms and back areas are brighter
      • The leaves are still terrible
    • Heath and ammo adjustments
    • Area Portal fixes
    • Clipping
      • You can't get on the big trees anymore
      • Signs, doorways, and torches have improved clipping
    • Other stuff I probably forgot

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