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'hiyas' (finally got around to it)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Pink_Panther, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Pink_Panther

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    Just thought I would say 'hiyas'.

    Im an aging gamer/mapper. I stated making maps at a young age with Wolfenstein3d, so that should date me pretty well. I took a 3 year break from HL Steam ruined it for me and I got bored. But getting bored with WoW brought me back in Oct08 for a change of pace.

    Most my experiance has been with sniper maps for TFC back when that had a sizable following. But, I have been trying new things and starting making more traditional gameplay maps.

    (If you really want a list of all the maps I have made, I can try to scrounge up a list for you)

    If you look through my maps and compare them with others played at the time, you will find I go against a lot of the conventions. Convention for the sake of 'thats the way its always been' or 'everyone else is doing it' bores me to tears and sometimes pisses me off depending on how blaitant it is. So, I make the maps I want to play in and hope others enjoy the experiance. I mostly focus on realism now and contrast between lights and darks for lighting.

    Looking back, I have made some standout maps that stood the test of time and I have made some that fell off the face of the planet in such a way that even I got rid of a copy.

    aka Pink_Panther (been using that name since 1998 now that I think of it. Ten years? really? dear god. *goes into the im old closet and hides*)
  2. TotalMark

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    Most of this hobby is hit or miss... (at least at first)

    Welcome to the TF2Maps Community. Originality is always welcome.
  3. GrimGriz

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    Welcome aboard :)
  4. TMP

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    Hiyas indeed.

    I've been in the mapmaking hobby for about 6 months, but I did game making and level design for about 3 years beforehand. :p I'm pretty good with entities.

    It's cool to know you have alot of experience in the mapping style. Wolfenstein 3d. Man, that game is old.
  5. Shadow Monkey

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  6. Pink_Panther

    Pink_Panther L3: Member

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    45 is. Release date was May 1992 according to wiki.

    If I remember the details right, back then the maps were a text file and each grid sqare had a 2 character hex number for which block type to put there. Each block was about the same as a 196x196 box.

    Yall may get a kick out of this story:. I learned about making maps because my dad thought it would be funny to modify the main maps in the game to confuse me because I spent so much time playing it. I could definatly tell something changed and I was very confused. My dad just sat back trying to hold back the laughter. And it was all down hill from there.

    After that I messed with Doom, Doom2, Doom Legacy, Hexen, Heretic, Quake (a couple tries at a room), then into the HL maps from there.

    Looking back its amazing the changes that were made in the game all because the mappers wanted to try something different. So many of the leaps forward came from exploiting bugs in maps and rendering engines to get just the right effect. Wolf3d had just preset boxes to fill a spot, then doom allowed for angles and steps so not everything was flat, Quake actually detached the player from the floor and even made the world actually 3D instead of a topography (doom mappers know what I mean by this).

    It all had to start somewhere though. I miss the simplicity of Wolf3d and Doom, but the new generation of games still has flavors of those greats. Consider that doors went up in Wolf3d/Doom and still do even though it makes no logical sense for a doors to be like a garage rollup door, but sometimes its that feel from the past that just makes a game feel right. (the doors had to go up because they couldnt go to the side, it had a different block identifier in Wolf3d.)

    oh well, i guess thats enough of the history lesson.
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