Hiring Someone To Fix My Map ($$$)

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    Basically, what it is...

    I've got a map that I've extensively edited. Somewhere along the line, I messed up to where the map won't compile properly. Going through the error logs wasn't helpful, even after running them through interlopers.. it was just too vague for me to understand properly. I believe the immediate problem is a func_detail but.. there's so much else going on that I don't even know anymore. The map itself is an idle map and not a regular play round-type map. It uses some custom assets, mostly from here (tf2maps), and some elsewhere but I believe you should still be able to edit/compile the maps without needing the custom assets.. we can figure something out if need be or can take the map as I have it, decompile, and pull assets out that way?

    I won't lie, there's bound to be a lot of problems with the map, including multiple leaks. But that's what I'd like to pay you for.

    So here's what i'm looking for in particular:

    • Someone willing to fix existing errors on the map that are either plain wrong, absent, or need to be redone.

    • Describe how and why you fixed/corrected/created/deleted the things that you did.

    • What I should do as a map editor in the future to prevent such problems.

    As well as the map being fixed, I'm paying for assistance learning the things that I haven't figured out or have been doing incorrectly. I want to be able to learn from this experience and your skills so that I can be a better editor in the future.

    Payment would be through Paypal in cash or in TF2 regular keys, whichever you'd prefer. I'd prefer not to post the map publicly on here, so I can message you the details if interested. I realize that this may be a larger scope project and I'm fine with that.

    Again, there's probably going to be a lot wrong with the map as I've been learning Hammer for about a year and still haven't quite figured everything out... as well as I'm sure there's issues I don't even know of happening.

    I may have an interest or two that I may ask of you, like help building a skybox, disco lights, or making sure kill counters work properly.

    If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask as I would love to get help in getting this map off its feet again.
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    OR you could just start individually compiling sections, and see which compile fails
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    If you'd put more effort and time into learning you wouldn't need to pay somebody to do it.
    Now that the "advice" is out of the way, I can do it. I'd take keys because mah security.

    PM me here or add me on Steam to send me details and the VMF.
    (If you add me on Steam make sure to post a comment as well stating you're the guy on here, so I don't ignore you)
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    I don't mind paying the money. Learning independently is fine and is great and I'll continue once this is fixed. I've fought with it for far too long on my own and am wanting outside assistance. That is the whole point of this job that I'm hiring for. Just to make it so I can continue and figure out with help from someone else where I went wrong.

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    It's impossible to learn mapping independently as all the technical manuals and tutorials are made by hundreds of people. At some point, everyone is stumped by something and asking for help can be the quickest way to find an answer.

    It's not uncommon for people to ask for help with their compile problems, or to share their VMF. An experienced mapper can probably fix everything in less than an hour. We don't usually do it for payment but in a way, what we are doing is a bit like a consultation service for Source mappers :)
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