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    Hello, I am looking to hire someone to help me finish up a map, that will be in the art style of Sawmill.

    It is a simple trade map, and the most help will be needed in making the landscape. This will include features such as rocky cliffs, waterfalls, tunnels, and possibly skybox outsides.

    Here are some examples of the artstyle I am going for

    I already have the layout and spawn buildings done.

    I will pay for the service, and we can discuss the amount per work done. I am not paying cheaply either. (I can pay in cash or in keys/unusuals)

    The job will go the the lowest bidder who can do the work the way I want it done.

    Skype is needed, since i would like to talk directly to you, and watch what you do.

    Invite me as a friend threw steam to talk.

    Also if you have examples of your work, post them bellow in a link/image.
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