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    So I started work on a payload race map, had a playtest today, will get some pics of it up tomorrow.

    Post feedback from the playtest HERE!

    Alpha 1:

    First release.

    Alpha 2:

    *Replaced upper setup doors on the middle area with windows
    *Added new ground texture
    *Added water
    *Replaced medium healthkit in the center with a full one
    *Removed the 2 medium healthikts near the bases
    *Moved spawns slightly farther away from the final point
    *Fixed cart sparks not stopping after rolling down a hill
    *Replaced the difficult to climb through window with a normal one(Forgot to do this before)
    *Added playerclip on top of building by red's spawn(doh.)
    *Removed some windows to account for the new ones
    *Various changes to the end area to prevent spawncamping
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  2. owly-oop

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    Pretty pyro friendly, and a bit small. For a small number of players it is fun, but i can't imagine a full server playing this.

    The spawns are too close to the ending cap. And the resupply cabinet is right next to the spawndoor so people can just camp there
  3. Fireman

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    I really enjoyed the map, it felt much less spammy than pipeline, which was a definite plus.

    There's too much health around the middle, i think. That middle one plus the ones under the bridges on the sides means that anyone you don't finish off around there will be certain to return fully healed. That one just outside spawn above where the carts start should probably go as well, since I used it to basically squat outside blu's door and shovel everyone who came through.

    The bridges block anyone from riding the cart all the way through, that may be intentional, but it made me a sad heavy.

    I really enjoyed the multiple routes through everywhere, made playing as a scout really entertaining.

    The spawns being right in front of the final point meant two things
    1) defenders could do a pretty good job of blocking any progress up the hill
    2) if the attackers did get a good push, they could spawn camp pretty easily.

    Finally, I request that SLAYER be present for all future playtests.
  4. Mar

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    No download, no pics, how are we supposed to play this?
  5. NovaSilisko

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    It was playtested last night around 11 PM est. Going to have it on gameday and fix the dload link on this page.
  6. Void

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    Sounds interesting.

    Perhaps those 1/4th CP signs I made skins for would come in handy?

    Also is it an Entrant?
  7. Sgt Frag

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    I liked it. Major complaints were too many paths. spawn is right on top of last point, so it was hard to get that final push (although we did a few times).

    Somebody said it felt really small. I thought size was fine but each team can go all the way to the other teams base before they hit a start up gate. So when the gate opens the teams were nowhere near their own carts and were right on top of the other teams spawn.
  8. Nineaxis

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    With the two carts moving opposite directions to opposite ends, teams were very split up, and near the end, it seemed like if a team went forward to push their cart, the other team would cap from their lack of defense, and if they defended, they didn't get anywhere... so it felt like a stalemate, but with the constant fear of ninja caps. And while, yes, people should be able to rely on their team to defend while they go to push... it just didn't happen.