Hint, Skip, and Areaportal placements

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    aalternate topic title: Babby's First Hint Brushes


    So I'm finally gettting serious about optimizing my shit better. Up there is a crude draw-up of what a particular corridor of mine looks like. I just want to ask and see if I'm doing too much, too little, or doing it all wrong
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    With the amount of doorways with areaportals in them the hints don't really add much to what the areaportals are already doing on their own.

    The big hint just above the centre of the pic could be an areaportal if geometry allows, as could the bit below it.

    I tend to find that since the advent of areaportals hints are mostly useful culling the height of visleafs so that they don't see over walls; this is most true for out doors areas where a hint can cover a large portion of the map, even cutting through buildings. In fact i'd say in general hints are more useful in large open areas where areaportals are impractical or difficult to execute because of complicated world geometry.

    For example CP2 and 3 of badlands and the surrounding area, the start of badwater, or all around sawmill.
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    In case you aren't aware, be careful with those three doors in a row. Any areaportals that have both faces on matching planes will be merged into one. So you will need to offset them slightly within the doorframe.

    Also, most of your angled hints are the "wrong" way. But like grazr said they are mostly irrelevant due to the areaportals.
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    To elaborate on the above, this how you would hint it :


    This ensures a player in the green area cannot see the yellow area, and vice versa. White can see and be seen from both however. Does not mean you shouldn't use areaportals.