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    I have read a lot about these brushes and what they do but i do not understand where to put them in my map..I know the basics such as placing them at doorways of corridors but thats it.I have made 1 map so far which was all inside here is the link to this maphttp://forums.tf2maps.net/downloads.php?do=file&id=1114
    I put this link in to prove that at least i am not that bad at building maps LOL.I have started a new map which is going to be a payload map and so far i have built the spawn area building which you run out of into open space.I have looked at all the decompiled Valve maps to try and figure out where to put the hint skip brush as these maps have the hint and skip brushes everywhere but i am totally lost.I did learn a bit more about Areaportals,i did not think any brushes could pass through an Areaportal but after stripping back Dustbowl i noticed that they had displacements running through the Areaportal,as a result i got a far better idea of how to close your map in.What i would like to ask is,if someone knows where to best put these brushes could they look at my map and work on it with me by putting these brushes in.It is just a small area as what i would like to do is get 1 area fixed with the hint skip brush,then when i have done another area then get that done.Here are some pictures of what i have done so far
    If anyone can spare the time that would be fantastic and obviously i will give them credit when the map is finished:thumbup:
    Here is the link to the map
    : http://uploading.com/files/ZWLH4NWA/SUBDIVIDE.vmf.html