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    This map is the second map i have ever made, i for some reason thought it was a good idea to make a 5 point CP map as a good newbie maptype :mellow:. But after a long time, this map is finally "playable".

    I plan on completing this map though and start detailing/texturing it when i finished the concept and the story behind the map, even if it has been a long ride. Believe in magic or what they say.

    And now after 12 hours of Compile time... i bring you cp_highsilver_a1

    Known problems that will be dealt with when i fix the ludicrous compile time:

    *Both Red, Blu spawn and Middle CP are too dark.

    *Some props outside Red spawn are broken (thought it was a good idea to func_detal props...)

    *Both Red and Blue second spawn can be accessed before owning middle. (dont know how to fix that though)

    *Ground Grass texture seem to want to live its own life.

    *Trees behind Blu base are missing

    *Called this map sniper_paradise before initial release for a reason, am working on that though...

    In the meantime while i do the above mentioned, you can try the map in its current form and see if there is somthing i should add the the list.

    And as a thanks for doing that, have some concept art and in WIP images:
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    Sightlines look gigantic
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    yeah the outdoor areas are far too big
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    You're serious that it took 12 hours straight to compile the map as it is? I'd think that would be the symptom of the scaling. First, like the others mentioned above, the sightlines are quite large, and at simplest there will need to be cover between routes. This could mean adding buildings or walls. Beyond that I would recommend condensing areas together or cutting them out entirely - the first thing that catches my eye is the open cliffside at the top of the topdown view. If you change that (by cutting it while making it raised cliffs) some of the compile time would be reduced. Also, is that patch of grass above the center building accessible to players? If not, I'd say cut that space up with a building or a raised cliff.

    I'd suggest looking at this thread for some great advice on size and scale of maps in tf2:

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    Dunno if if the scale is wrong, but i agree with it being too open


    But, i think it's broken in many other ways XD

    5722 faces
    4151312 square feet [597788928.00 square inches]

    59 Displacements
    1201157 Square Feet [172966640.00 Square Inches]

    Optimized: 97329 visible clusters (2.73%)
    Total clusters visible: 3562989
    Average clusters visible: 1777
    Building PAS...
    Average clusters audible: 2000
    visdatasize:1018073 compressed from 1026048

    /sidenote, How long is a Full normal map compile time, Im used to Doing light Renders of up to a week in other projects not related to tf2 (would be great with GPU calculations in hammer though...)
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    I assume the twelve hours thing is hyperbole, but may I ask if you bothered to func_detail anything at all?
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    I did funk_detail, all overhanging roofs, pillars, and Hinted all doorways....

    But i know after a lot of reading, that i did the flooring incorrectly and all there is huge space between the displacements, and the brushes that encapsulate the map (400units), but i am currently fixing that together with 60% of the map
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