highandlow2018_megapiemanphd 2018-07-15

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Doctorate in Deliciousness
Mar 31, 2012
highandlow2018_megapiemanphd - High and Low Detail 2018 detail contest entry

This is my entry for the High and Low 2018 Detail contest, as such its just a detailed space and not a map that can actually be played. It's also got soundscapes cause why not make things more difficult for myself :D

Locations include:
-outside jungle port thing
-boat shed (with boat)
-shipping facility thing
-underground spytech layer
-elevator (with music)

*custom content*
-boat from frontline pack
-some stuff from the Full SFM Library pack: uploaded by Scampi
-delivery van: evil knevil, NassimO
-sxybox blimp: Snood