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    Hi there everyone, I am Eight

    I've been mapping for a few years now, previously I mapped for the Quake 3 engine, more specifically for a game called Star Wars Jedi Knight 2 (JK2 for short) where I made a number of maps over a 3 year period and JK2 so learning to map a different gametype is a good fresh start.

    I am now learning to map for source and enjoying the challenge - believe me when I say hammer is a million times better than GTK Radiant which I used for JK2.

    Anyway I am 20 years old and from the UK and a geology student at Southampton University (yes geology rocks! .... -.-' )

    I have my first map in development at the moment which is a control points map which I hope to have completed in the coming weeks.

    Thats about it for me,

    Thanks and Hi!
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    Hay and welcome! I would suggest taking a look at my sig, it is full of good info.
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