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    I just wanted to say hello and do the introduction thing.. first post!

    A little about myself: I used to primarily play Day of Defeat Source back when it was relatively new, and I created two full maps for the game, one which saw two beta community releases (dod_harvest) and another that never saw the light of day. The latter I was quite proud of and nearly completed, but due to that thing I call "life", I abandoned it. I returned to mapping briefly for an updated release of harvest, but since late 2007 (right around the time I started playing TF2) I had dropped mapping completely.

    So as you might have guessed I'm no stranger to Hammer, but I am new to the design theory, entities and other things unique to TF2 mapping. I'm a big fan of TF2, and I've always said that the day I get back into mapping, I'd do something for TF2... so here I am! I have to admit, I am wildly excited about this community because I really desired something similar to this during my DoD mapping days. I found it in places... but this community just seems so thorough and supportive that it actually makes me excited to start mapping again.

    Anyway, hello again! I look forward to getting back at it!
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    Welcome to TF2maps.net!

    You seem quite eager to start, so why not head over to our rather large tutorial section or hop on the steam chat?

    It's nice to have you ok comp! I hope you enjoy your stay :)
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    Hey there. Enjoy your stay.
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    welcome to TF2Maps.net!
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    I didn't know we could do rainbow font...

    Welcome to the community! Can't wait to see what you come up with!
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    Is this the ok comp I think it is? A Series of Tubes "Ok Comp"?