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    Howdy folks

    Ive been posting here for a couple weeks, I guess its time I intoduce myself and tell you what Im all about.

    My real name is Byron, my friends have been calling me B-ron (or B lol) ever since I can remember. Im 30 years young.

    Im a very active TF2'er. Played TFC for years, then dod, then dods (NEVER got into CS or CSS). Been gaming since I was a kid, got into PC gaming about 2001. I have since embraced the PC, I love it and all the goes on in and around the online gaming world.

    My "career" has really taken off in the last few years. Being a regular at ville and all its servers I eventually got invited into their flagship guild (there are 4 guilds total) - <eVa> the eternalVillealliance. Since then I have become a server admin, a moderator of the forums, in the eVa leadership, learned (learning) how to map, a decent all around team player, resident sig maker, events/fun nights coordinator and all around ville whipping boy lol.

    I really like your guys' site here. Im wanting to be a part of this, I think it's something special.

    Best regards,
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