Hi, I am Sonny nice to meet you.

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    I go by the name Sonny and I am an avid TF2 Jumper/surfer, retired 6v6 Div 4 player and yellow hat collector. I am completely new to map making in source games, but I am looking forward to improve my skills in my (not so much) free time using this site and other sources. Oh and I am a guitar player if anybody cares.
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    Woah, I think I actually know you Sonny, from surfing around TF2 that is. I made a lot of combat surf maps, only occasionally did skill surf, but I think I remember seeing your name somewhere.

    Anyway, welcome to the forums, I think it's pretty cool here. If you'd like to get organised in map making you can watch TopHATTWaffle's CS:GO tutorials for an awesome overview of the tools (mostly the same to TF2, I've even learned some things). Otherwise reading up on Grazr's tutorials or the nodraw.net articles are a good way to learn the theory behind level design stuff.

    For the community we have gamedays for organised map tests that run every Saturday, hosted by your's truly, and impromptu map tests that just run occasionally through the week. If you're interested in getting a map in the gamedays, you can join the steam group to get the popup announcement when the new thread is posted (wednesday nights est). If you're interested in getting a map in the impromptu tests, you can join the steam group chat and just bug the admins.
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    I extend to you a very warm welcome Sonny :)
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    Heads up, feedback will likely hurt feelings so dont take it to heart when you hear someone

    !fb boring map

    during gamedays, it's all part of the process :O
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    Welcome! Once you learn Hammer, TF2 map making is nothing but fun (or at least to me it is) Learn and you'll have as fun mapping as playing TF2 itself. Remember, always draw your layouts of your maps/ideas to the fullest extent before hammering it, it will save you plenty of useful time. I had to learn that the hard way :/
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    Well, it's really whichever method the mapper prefers. However, I too like drawing my layouts first. :p

    Welcome, Sonny! Hope you'll stick around. :)
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    Welcome! hope you come up with some neat map designs and ideas! good luck.