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    Long time, no chat, no speak, no Buggy!

    Nice to see that things have progressed really well here - looks your hard work is paying off!

    It's been a rough two years - both parents died, one year after the other and I've been getting depressed. I was their chief caregiver for years and have felt lost since I now have all of this 'free time' on my hands.

    It's been suggested that I get back into doing things that I like and to set some goals for myself - small to large to get me back into a more normal life again since it hasn't been for such a long time.

    Well anyways, one of the goals is to get back into mapping since I do love it and this group - so I've set a goal of re-doing my Bugs Canyon map.

    There were things I liked about it and things I didn't - so I'm doing a rebuild.

    I'll post some screenshots in the WIP area - perhaps you could give me some feedback on it - or maybe tell me where to go to give you a sample map.

    It's been a while and I'm a little rusty with the mapping skills ;)

    Have a great day everyone!