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    My name is Alero. I have tried multiple times to get into making maps. All of them have failed because of me being discouraged or lazy. This time hopefully will be different. I really hope that if I have any issues, I can talk about them here to help my map making experience grow. My hope is to create a map that is somewhat like Steel in the CP process, but different enough to call it my own. Hope to see you around.

    Steam Name: aleror
    Favorite Map: Steel
    Favorite Class: All of them
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    Hi and welcome to TF2Maps.net Alero! :D

    To get started, you should read through the TF2 wiki and our own rather impressive Tutorial section.If you need help with Entities download this. Don't worry about making it pretty just yet. However, feel free to sign up for gameday for some good testing. Gamedays are on Fridays in the euro server and Saturday/Sunday in the U.S. server.If you have any other questions, there is usually someone in Steam chat who can help. Welcome to the group!

    Lastly don't forget!
    Does it help?
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    The quickest way to express yourself:[​IMG]
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    welcome to the community!