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    Whats up guys, my name is Mike although ive been using Novacane as my handle for years now.. not sure how it came to be, just seemed to be there one day.

    I've always liked the development side of gaming a bit more then the actual playing part. In the past I've played mostly MMOs and usually ran the guild's website. I've also dipped my head into C++ and C# and have worked on some projects in PHP, so if anyone has PHP, SQL/MySQL, javascript, css, etc. questions, I'll be glad to help ya. I started mapping for source in Dystopia a year or two ago but, since the devs seemed to give up on it, that didn't go far. Now I thought I'd give a crack at TF2 and see what happens.

    My favorite TF2 maps are Dustbowl and 2Fort(Only because I like CTF games).
    If I had to pick a favorite class it would be the Engineer.

    I'm currently working on a CTF map for TF2 called warehouse, thats somewhere between the mid - late alpha stages I guess. Just trying to battle through using Hammer with the TF2 workaround atm.
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    Hello Novacane. Welcome to the forums. I had to reply and give you a hello because I read over the fact you are cabable to do some PHP. Wich is great because I currently made a suggestion on the forums, here and mMaybe you can have a look at it and consider helping with it.

    Again, welcome Mike. :)