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    I'm Orange. Long time Team Fortress player, first time mapper.
    I am a regular and member of The Twisted Network.

    My favorite map is Dustbowl, I think they did a great job of re-creating the TFC classic and keeping it fresh. My favorite class is Soldier, because that is what feels closest to the TFC's classes.

    I'm currently working on a TF2 map called cp_forestbowl. A CP map in the style of dustbowl but the level design of lumberyard.
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    Glad to have you w/ us m8 :) I am also a huge fan of Dustbowl, though I've been trying to get into some other maps. I usually play soldier on 2fort, or when my team is rocking hard enough that I don't need to play my very best. A Dust-style map w/ the Alpine setting sounds really fun :) Don't forget to check our massive tutorial section if you have any questions. Welcome to the group!