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    Well I'm new here Obviously, Now since your here you get to hear my story ;D.
    I'm 16 years old, I've lived in America all my life, Now every game that I like and Can make maps Ive basically made maps for,And I got Tf2(Orange box) About two weeks ago, And when I learned you can make custom stuff/maps and stuff, I just have to do it, Since Tf2 is so dam awesome. And I spent a Few days trying to Find a Good site for making maps for it and all that good stuff, And I finally found this place, And I'm looking forward to being an Active member ;D,
    Also you guys can Just call my Axii.

    Also (again):My Favorite Classes on Tf2 is probably Demoman And Engineer,
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    Welcome to the forums! be sure to join in on the TF2Mappers steam chatroom while you're mapping, Alot of helpful people in there usually.
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    Hey bud! welcome.

    You'll fit right in here then and i see you already started posting and "thanking" users =))

    Any kinda mapping help like Dox said the steam chat group is great for and as well as the link in my sig.