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    hey guys. im kind of posting this late because i never read the automatic message recieved when i first signed up :blush: i just joined and went straight to the mapping discussion. :D

    im Donny, im 19, and i like to play basketball and play video games! nice to meet everyone! :thumbup:

    be careful, long rambling story approaches! D:

    i started making maps with starcraft, then half life, and counterstrike. nothing ever completed though, except for starcraft (mapping in 3d was a whole nother beast lol).

    my pc gaming lineage started with doom 95, then road rash and need for speed, followed by quake, hexen, and xwing vs tie fighter. i got a ps1 for christmas in 97 and played only console games. then as the years went on i went back to my pc, playing starcraft, which is where i was introduced to the online world, learning how to configure my internet connection at 10 years old to connect to battle.net, unbeknowst to my dad :drool1:.

    then eventually i got metal gear solid for psx, and half life game of the year edition. the goty edition contained half life, counterstrike, tfc, and half life opposing force, each game with its own disc and cd key.. i realized the power of cd keys when i got banned from a counterstrike server and then i entered one of the other unused cd keys to keep playing there :D.

    then one day i discovered worldcraft and the rest is history:thumbup1:. im now pursuing a computer science degree, hoping that one day i will make a living making games :thumbup:. i like to design levels but i know its not my strength, i understand programming much better but i hope to at least make one map worth noting in my portfolio :cool1:
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    Haha, yeah, I actually started with Warcraft 3, then went on to do some for 2d indie games, and then I went to TF2.

    Also, good luck in that field! It's hard as hell to get jobs in it :|