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Hey everyone

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Wraith, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Wraith

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    Hey, I just found this website the other day while looking for some TF2 mapping tutorials. I was pretty impressed with the information and the community, so I decided to join.

    I've been playing around with Hammer for a couple of years, but never actually finished anything. I'm hoping that will change:laugh: I'm currently working on a map that I was going to create for CS:S, but I'm working it into a TF2 map now. Maybe I'll be able to show it off one day:D

    I've also done some texture work before so maybe I'll see about creating some textures for the Download section.
  2. Dox

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    Welcome to the community!

    -Initial member interrogation-
    1. Favorite custom map?
    2. Favorite TF2 custom map?
    3. Favorite game other than TF2?
    4. Favorite Class in TF2?
    5. Favorite thing to do: Modeling, Texturing, Brushwork, or placing entities?

    Additional random questions:
    1. Favorite Ice Cream?
    2. Favorite PIE!
    3. Ninjas or Pirates?
    4. Puppies or Kittens?
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