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Heronherald's Canale Asset Pack V1

Everything for your Venice needs!

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    Heronherald's Canale Asset Pack - Everything for your Venice needs!

    Have you ever wanted to make a map to mercilessly beat the living hell out of your enemies in Venice? If you answered yes, then this asset pack is for you!

    So far, this pack contains 7 textures, 13 prefabs, 1 prop and 3 overlays. This pack will be updated here and there for more textures and such.

    The download also comes with an Asset Library VMF to view in hammer, go ahead and fly around to see what everything looks like!

    Here's some screenshots

    The pack will be expanded over time, but so far it's quite small, I'd appreciate some suggestions!

    Here's screenshots of the individual Textures and such

    Brick to Plaster Blend
    Orange Beam Wall Red & White Beam Wall Blue & White Beam Wall Green & White Beam Wall Yellow & White Beam Wall Orange Tiles (Blend Texture) Grassy Tiles (Blend of Orange Tiles) Signs
    End of Residential Area

    No Bells

    Quality Baked Heron
    How do I download the pack?

    Simply place the file labeled "Canale" in your Team Fortress 2 "custom" folder

    The asset library is simple, place it in your folder that you normally hold your map projects, and open it in hammer.

    Remember to pack your custom assets before releasing your map!