Here comes my potted cactus and me.

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    Hello there. I'm still pretty new to TF2 mapping, however some Bronies among you may recognize me as the creator of dm_ponyville:

    I have been dormant for a long time, and the map has been, and will continue to be unsupported, due to the fact that I consider it a "foundation of sand". Sorry.

    However, before people shoe me off as "Brony Scum", I must express that I wish to make good-looking, and hopefully good-playing (non-pony) maps, filled with custom assets, all better made than in dm_ponyville. If I do release anything with custom content in the future, the assets will also be released publicly for anyone to use.

    I decided to make this account on account of my latest map plans, and I hope I can receive a willing audience. :)
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    Welcome, have fun mapping!