Helpful Configs For Testing Maps

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    Ever get tired of pushing a payload or standing on a control point to capture the next point, when you really want to have a look at somewhere else in your map?

    There is a way to trick the game into thinking that you are within the capture area without actually being there. All it takes is a few lines in a config file in your tf/cfg folder. (I just put the commands into the autoexec.cfg file, as the game automatically executes this on startup)

    First we need cheats to be on, which personally I have bound to the minus key on the keypad. I've done this with this line in my cfg file:
    bind kp_minus "toggle sv_cheats"
    You can also do this with noclip, the HUD and viewmodels, which I have bound to the zero, decimal and plus keys respectively.
    bind kp_ins "noclip"
    bind kp_del "toggle cl_drawhud"
    bind kp_plus "toggle r_drawviewmodel"
    Now we get onto the more complex commands, the one which toggles the timer on and off, and the one which tricks the game into thinking that you are within the capture zone. I have bound these to the 7 and 9 keys on the keypad respectively.
    bind kp_home "toggletimer"
    alias "toggletimer" "pausetimer"
    alias "pausetimer" "ent_fire team_round_timer pause;alias toggletimer resumetimer"
    alias "resumetimer" "ent_fire team_round_timer resume;alias toggletimer pausetimer"
    bind kp_pgup "capturetoggle"
    alias "capturetoggle" "startcapture"
    alias "startcapture" "ent_fire trigger_capture_area starttouch;alias capturetoggle endcapture"
    alias "endcapture" "ent_fire trigger_capture_area endtouch;alias capturetoggle startcapture"
    Note that you may need to hit the key twice to pause the timer or start capturing a point, as when you press the key once, you switch the key from pausing the timer or starting a capture to being a key that starts the timer or stops the capture. Also note that sv_cheats needs to be 1 in order for these to work.

    The last few things that I have bound on my keypad are "impulse 101", which has the same effect as touching a resupply locker (although it doesn't update your loadout), "mp_disable_respawn_times 1", which disables respawn times on the map, and "mp_waitingforplayers_cancel 1", which cancels the "waiting for players" time period when first loading a map. I have these bound to 1, 2 and 3 on the keypad.
    bind kp_end "impulse 101"
    bind kp_downarrow "mp_disable_respawn_times 1"
    bind kp_pgdn "mp_waitingforplayers_cancel 1"
    Hopefully this helps to make your quick run around tests a little easier. You also get to have fun watching a cart travel past you with no one around it...
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    I'd personally combine a bunch of these into single commands executed by alias, and bind those or just type them in each time as appropriate

    ie why have a bunch of seperate keys to turn off each element of the hud when i can do it all at once, and why have a bunch of keys to press once the map is loaded to make it test ready when i can have just one
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    To add to Yrr, I dont even have enough free buttons, numpad is fully used already.

    Also if you have side buttons on mouse, you should bind noclip to there for very fast access
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    So why we don't have a useful rating again?
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    True, I just use these since my keypad isn't used for anything else. I just use these keys as an example, after all.
    You can also just have the alias commands in a config file so that you can just type in "startcaptrue", for example, in the console instead of the lengthy line of "ent_fire trigger_capture_area starttouch".
    It all just boils down to personal preference.