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    Hi. I made a very large custom "ship" prop. I have tried to no avail to get vertex lighting enabled on it... I have no idea why it isn't working. I have compiled my map with advanced lighting parameters (you know the ones) and the only prop that hasn't got shadows is my own. It is not the prop_static settings, so don't suggest that I enable vertex lighting etc in the hammer editor.

    I even re-compiled it with many many vertices on the "deck" of the boat

    Here are some images.

    To be more specific, I mean I want shadows to be cast on the prop.
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    Are you using the proper compile settings?
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    Is this prop actually so large as to occupy the entire map? Because I seriously recommend not doing that. Figure out a way to recreate it with brushwork, or at least the deck everyone will be fighting on, since that's what shadow-casting objects will be visible on top of. I can't tell you why vertex lighting isn't working, but trust me, a single lightmapped brush is way better than breaking up a prop that huge into that many vertices.
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