help with train and player clipping

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    (Warning: Graphic imagery)

    So as my very first map I decided to start off with something relatively simple, a koth map. I didn't want to make it too boring so I decided to slap the point on to a train. The problem is that if you stand on the train when it enters the tunnel, you get stuck in the air. I added a clip to try and stop the player from moving into the wall itself, but now you get stuck inside the clip.

    In short: How do I make the train ridable, but without moving the player into the wall with the train.
    asd.PNG sdsa.PNG asda.PNG clip.PNG
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    As far as I know, there's no easy fix for this, and the usual solution is to put a kill trigger inside the wall to kill anyone unlucky enough to get trapped. You could also try messing around with a trigger_push, but I'm knot sure how well that'd work