Help with "The floor is lava"

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    Hello there :)
    I'm currently working on a trade map (it's also my first map)
    and I've made a section in the map where the floor is lava and you have to walk on the areas next to it.
    I've also created a trigger-multiple "thing" which works on players who touch the lava.

    I've created a point_clientcommand and named it "lava_fire"
    I've also created two trigger_multiple output commands:
    -- hurtme 50 (causes 50 damage)
    -- addcond 22 (causes a ignition reaction without fire)

    This is how it looks so far:

    The problems I have now:
    1. addcond 22 doesn't work (It only works if only sv_cheats 1 is active)
    2. sv_cheats 1 and sv_cheats 0 always appear in text chat:

    If there is a way to fix this please tell me.
    (In order to repeat the entire process I've decided to create the same outputs again but with a delay)

    You can also give me a new suggestion
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    To get 'lava' working, you can try a trigger_hurt with the damage type set to 'ignite' for if people die (and then set the damage to whatever), and a trigger_add_tf_player_condition that applies the burning effect to them, equivalent to addcond 22. Just scroll down the list until you find it. Set the duration of it to -1 so they will be on fire for the entire time they are touching the trigger + afterburn
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    it is much easier to just use trigger_ignite
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