Help with displacement ramps.

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    i need some help here guys, im somewhat new at mapmaking. Sometimes i just open hammer and start messing around and see what comes out.

    Anyways, ther is only one thing that i haven't figured out how to do, and that is making displacements ramps. something like this image:


    always that i make some kind of cliff, i use some stairs, rocks or boxes to make a "ramp" since i never pulled out a good way to make it. I tried to make the top side of a brush a disp. then use the geometry paint tool to make it upwards, but still looks unatural and doesn't have the side walls.

    Anyone willing to give me a few tips? :confused:

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    You're selecting the sides of the brush too, aren't you? When making displacements, only the side of the brush you select is rendered, the others are not.
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    The biggest problem with displacements is you have to make them FOUR sided. I would make a simple box with 3 seperate sides (top and two sides), and create displacements out of all of the sides. If you squish down the front, it should resemble a ramp! Then playing with it you can get it do be how you want.
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    Make a cube. Use your vertex tool to drag 2 of the top verts down, but not all the way to the bottom verts. But very close, even one unit away would be fine.

    Then you have a wedge, but it still hase four sides even on the 'triangular' sides.Select the sides and top together and make displacement. Then paint a little shape into it.

    Just make sure the top side aligns with the displacement up top correctly so it can all flow together.

    It's probably easiest just to make the bottom of the wedge sink into the displacement down there a little bit.
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    You can make displacements if you cut at a 1/1 ratio or at a 45degree. Then just drag it out to where it looks better.