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    what should I look to design in the following areas:
    mid-2nd connector (in 5cp)
    any part of KoTH that's not the midpoint

    I enjoy and am decent at the rest :p
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    5CP generally has one choke route and one or two flank routes from mid to second. Usually it takes longer to go from the back spawn to the midpoint if you go by the second point and choke route, rather than if you take the flank path to mid. Usually the flank path opens up between the first and second points, meaning that it is useful for rolling out by almost every class, but only gets used by the faster and flanking classes afterwards (because it takes longer to get from the second to the third point).



    If the Xes are points, you can see that it is faster to go from the first to mid point by going straight (where you go through the flank route) than through the second point (and the choke between second and third). However, it is fastest to go through choke to get from second to third, rather than the flank.