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Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by davethewave, Jun 10, 2009.

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    Hey everyone, first time on here as a user so yay! I've read through basically all the tutorials and tips as to how to start with mapping and such, and i managed to build a map that doesn't completely suck.(although it's very sloppy and still quite bad).

    I was just curious as to how others go about starting a map, and in particular how you go about adding details such as cliffs and buildings.

    when i made the map i boxed everything out with dev textures, and it was very grey and dull, so i added cliffs which helped, but i'm just interested in how most of you go about turning a boring cubemap into a refined map ready for beta, with textures everywhere, displacement on the walls and ground, etcetera.

    thanks in advance, dave
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    I look up images on google when I need inspiration for detail.

    edit:Also, looking at valve's decompiled maps always gives me good ideas.
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    ^ same.

    The when detailing the level I jump around alot or I get bored. Maybe trim out one building, put a few props over here, do texture work over there. Might take longer but getting bored just burns me out and that makes it take longer.

    Sometimes I'll put in small details but it's usually best to put in big stuff first. Try to put in basic details all over, then look for spots that could use a little more. Work around your hole map this way and you wont end up with some very fine detail areas and others that are plain.