[Help] Painting TF2 Style Face Textures

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    A bit off topic from "maps", but I'm having a VERY hard time with painting a texture. It is a face for a custom TF2 player model. I've found tutorials on TF2 painting, but they're always on how to paint objects, never organic things. Does anyone have any experience with this, resources that could help, or perhaps know of some tutorials I may have missed?

    I do not like to present a problem without showing I am at least attempting to resolve the issue. So if you are reading this, regardless if you have experience, please offer a suggestion. Who knows? If enough people comment small tips, maybe this thread could become the very first TF2 face texturing tutorial.

    This is what I have observed.
    The most detailed example of a TF2 style face are the ones shown in the Agent Gunn Saxxy short. The concept and texture painting was done by Benjamin Blaholtz. (more of his TF2 work can be found at https://www.artstation.com/blaholtzen)
    There are Hard contours (colors separated by a darker line) Soft contours (colors not separated by a darker line) Softer contours (a more blurred version of soft contours) and lastly gradients. These are shown in the picture below.

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