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Help needed!

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by *[TNB]*TrEuZ, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. *[TNB]*TrEuZ

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    I've posted a threat a few weeks earlier with a question about lights for my map. I received a lot of help, but I still need some more help... I have 3 questions for now on how to create some stuff or change some things.

    1) Strange colors when playing.
    Every time I Compile my map and play it, everything that reflexes get's pink. But also other objects like metal (from the Capture points, bullet shells, windows, enz). Does anyone know how I can solve it.

    At first I thought it was because I compiled with VIS off, so I turned it on again, but didn't help though :s

    Another question I have is how to make rocks. Cuz when I create a brush I can only change the shape by moving the corners with the Vertex tool. Does anyone know how I can change the middle of a brush, instead of the corner. Or do I have to use multiple brushes to make a dent (hope it's the right word.)

    And last but not least: How can I create wall's (brushes) which will stop a player when he hit's it but let bullets and rockets go trough. I need this to stop players from rocket jumping out of my map...

    Thanks a lot in advance...
  2. Micnax

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  3. Hanz

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    1) You should add 'env cubemap's to your map, and when compiling your map, you have to build them. For doing this, you have to type in console: 'buildcubemaps'. I don't really know if there are some others things, but it usually works at me when I just add an env_cubemap en then type 'buildcubemaps' in console while compiling.

    2) I think you are willing to make displacements, I'm not going to explain it here, but you can follow this guide:

    3) Search in your texture browser to 'playerclip' and apply this texture to your brushes where ppl are not allowed to run or jump through. Now they won't see this brush, but they won't be able to run or jump through it. :)

    I hope your questions are answered now, but if I'm not complete someone else will probably post another reaction.. :)
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  4. Anda02

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    Ensure that you have constructed your cubemaps properly. Here is some console commands for that somebody else helped me with awhile back.

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    You can add in additional vertexes with the vertex tool, just choose two points (usually 2 yellows or 2 whites) and press Ctrl+F to make new vertexes out of those two points and add a break in the face between them.
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