help learning the "Core" setup?

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    Running a console command?

    Hello lads =)

    now I am still rather new to this whole mapping thingy, I've got a lot of the basics down such as skybox, walls, and basic entity interactions

    to help myself learn how this whole thing works I've decided to try taking existing valve maps and changing there game mode to something different, something silly like one called "Police" where as you have a team of scouts who don't have any weapons but run slightly faster, well you have the other team who has normal characters trying to kill all the scouts before the time limit, you know something that helps with learning the general setup for a lot of this type of functionality

    the problem is I don't really know how to run a console command in a map, you know I can do most other things, but I cant find how exactly I go about running a console command, I tried the point_servercommand/clientcommand, and all they gave me was a name input, no place to specify the command, ive heard of triggers that let me do this, but I honestly have looked for a good while and have not found anything
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    A trigger_multiple will do your job.

    OnTrigger !activator point_clientcommand Command(?) commandhere

    edit: could be wrong actually, specified two main ents in the io