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    So I was looking at some of the downloads on TopHATTwaffle's site and saw this dynamic water particle, which I thought I would give a try in TF2.


    Download page for the particle -

    As you might have guessed by the title or the mere fact I'm asking here, is that it does not work in TF2. My question is, could it be made to work at all (and if so how), or is it simple not supported in TF2 due to engine differences.
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    The particle probably uses something that's not supported by TF2 because it was made for HL2.

    Edit-After quickly looking at the particle in VIDE, I see nothing unsupported by TF2 (Unless VIDE didn't detect it or something) I'll look into it more

    Double Edit-It might be because the PCF format changed between engines (I'm 20% sure this is the case). I'll try remaking it in TF2

    Anotha one - I'm 99% sure now its because it was probably edited in the CS:GO engine, which is on a different version of source, and the PCF would be incompatible. I can easily copy the values from the PCF and make the same particle in TF2

    The particle works fine in the editor, are you sure you are setting up your particle manifest right?
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    Find the unsupported feature and add it to the Wishlist Megathread :p