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Help for first time modelling in Blender

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Megane, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. Megane

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    You probably already saw the most recent TF2-Blogpost about Minecraft, and David Collins' nifty pl_minepit (as it is named now) map. He beat me to making a Minecraft map first, but I still want to make some. David will as well, one Minecraft map for each gametype, which is also what I have in mind.

    Anyway, David told me that the torches and flowers etc. are not models, but in fact brushes. I didn't know you could do it that way, and wanted to model those things from the beginning. I still want to make those, so that all people who want to make minecraft maps could benefit from that.

    Only issue is: 'm a total beginner.

    Blenders odd control scheme is one thing, but I'm already lost at how to make the yellow flowers and roses.


    As you can see, in MC, the flowers consist of two of the respective flowers 16x16 texture (of course, those have transparency) put orthogonally to each other.

    Now, how do I realize this in Blender? Should I just slap two planes together in the same way and apply the texture on them? Of which value is the Blender unit/Hammer unit relation?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Mick-a-nator

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    For starters, read this. Obviously you don't have to read all of it, as in some places it goes into a great deal of detail on stuff you wont need.

    To the question of the flower, I don't know how it is done in minecraft, or how Notch did it, but to make a Blender model of it, you'll need to make each plane 'double sided' (Blender, by default, shows both sides of a face, regardless of face normal, but that doesn't work in the source engine). This is done by making one side of the plane then duplicating it with shift+d but not moving its location. The normals of the new plane must be flipped (I'm sure there's a hotkey, but I don't know it. There is a button in the editing panel though). Finally, select the outer vertices and press "remove doubles" from the editing panel.
    I personally don't like that method, as it seems like there are more vertices being made than necessary, so if anyone else has a simpler method, please do tell. :)
  3. maboesanman

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    for the flower, just make brushes in hammer that can show on one side the flower, and all other sides are nodraw, and make it a func brush

    turn off the collisions, and rotate it 4 times and bam, you're done

    PS. where did you get the textures?
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