Help activating a respawn after start

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    On the map I'm working on, I have two main spawn rooms (call them A and B) for each team. At the start of the round, I want all of Blue to spawn at Blue spawn A, but after they've left the spawn for the first time, I want them to spawn at Blue A or Blue B, just like 2Fort. The problem is what I've got set up isn't working.

    Here's the rundown:
    1) Blue A respawn is fully enabled.
    2) All of Blue B's info_player_teamspawns are disabled, as is the func_respawn room.
    3) Blue A's doors have outputs that map to a logic_relay for blue. There are two ways out of Blue A, so both doors just map to the same logic_relay.
    4) The logic_relay enables all the info_player_teamspawns and the func_respawn for Blue B.

    Despite all that, I still always respawn at Blue A, no matter how many times I suicide and respawn. I turned on debug (console: developer 2) and can see all these things firing as expected (door opens, output triggers relay, relay enables Blue B), but no dice.

    Can anyone spot what I'm doing wrong? Why won't that second respawn room come online? Thanks in advance. :)