Help - a sticky situation regarding TF2 dedicated servers

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2 Talk' started by Galago, Jan 28, 2009.

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    Hello again. So, as I have been gone from TF2maps, my friends and I have set up a dedicated server for TF2, and we've got a nice little userbase going. Our clan that coincides with our server (The Digital Hitmen) has 10 people recruited in 2 days.

    So, now the situation:
    We've had quite a few conflicts with 2 certain administrators, and they've done some "stuff." I'm going to be vague. Anyway, I want to run my own instead of using my friend's because essentially it's my clan. So, my real question is, how do I migrate to my new server? So many people have favorited it, and I want it to "redirect" if you will, to my new one.

    Also, we'll probably change the clan name and make a new Steam group with the same people. Our name sort of sucks ;)
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    Change the server's name/description (whatever shows in the server list) to indicate your new adress, set max players to 0.
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