HELP - 3 cp's set up and the round automatically wins

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Cereal_Killer, Feb 10, 2009.

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    I have a cp set up for RED and one for BLU with a third neutral cap in the middle.

    For some reason everytime I run the map BLU automatically wins. :confused:
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    You've probably made a very common mistake involving your game entities. Here's an excerpt from a Gravel Pit-style cp map tutorial found here that might help:

    As stated, you HAVE successfully created a linear CP map. I've not made one myself yet but I'd assume you missed creating a team_round_win entity.
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    This is either set in the team_control_point_round (if you have one) or the team_control_point_master. Those entitys have a value which say: restrict team from winning. That value should be for the red team or they would win by capturing all the points (which they already have from the start). This also doesnt make it impossible to make red win as a game_round_win entity simply overrules that (which has to trigger by the timer).
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    It doesn't sound like an A/D map, so it isn't a win restriction issue, and the t_c_p_m should handle all win conditions.
    Some things to check: do you have the previous require points set properly? are all the trigger_capture_area linked to the points?
    It would help if you gave screenshots/words of your t_c_p, t_c_p_m and t_c_a settings.