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    I've been mapping for a long while ever since the days of Doom II. I've done some stuff for the frist counter-strike and day of defeat with Worldcraft/Hammer, but nothing great. Also, my abilities with textures were limited, which kind of put me off in continuing mapping.

    After playing TF 2 for a little while I've decided that I want to get back into mapping. I see a lot things have changed with the source engine, especially with the useage of prop models which I want to create and use in maps, as wel as shader. First though, I'm going to tackle the art of texturing using photoshop, illustrator and mapzone. Some of the most popular maps in counter-strike were ones that used completely new textures such as de_dust and that was refreshing for many players, despite the map layout being lame.

    So yea, that's pretty much it. Hopefully I can contribute something for this community. :)
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    glad to have you, not enough modeler's or texture people around here =)

    Welcome welcome!