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    I am Marios. Greek. Big fan of TF2 and aspiring mapmaker! After wrapping my head around the weird but unique way Hammer works, I've been trying to make something new... Just like every aspiring mapmaker. That doesn't mean copy-pasting some elements of a map one after another or changing a few light_environment values, of course.

    Oh, and uh, seeing as it's a fad among newcomers here, Crash's map tutorials*. Moving on.

    My first mapping project was an attempt to make a successor to the best adventure map series (because it's the only one, get it?) Machine Attacks. It still is, but I'm not working on it as actively anymore because I lost some progress on it twice. This always fatigues me.

    My second project (and so far my most successful) is endurance/survival missions in MvM... The map. Making good survival missions that were not variations of 20wave has always been troubling with population files, but, what about making a map especially for it? That was never done before, luckily for me. Plus, most endurance/survival missions are pretty much PvE team deathmatch.

    Thus, Deathmatch, the map, was born! mvm_deathmatch, to be specific. Right now it's alpha version, and on Gamebanana (here if you need to see it) and I do intend to put it here as well. But only after I do one more change to what I have here currently.

    ...That's enough introduction. Nice to meet you, tf2maps.net.

    *I only saw the first 'season' of them, because I had trouble moving brushes in the 3D space, and then I moved on to mapping myself.
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