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    Sup! My name is Jack "Kikouda" Thompson. I love TF2 and maps for it so much! I would love to make maps but I can never get a good idea for one. Whenever I find myself dawdling around in Hammer I am just creating maps that are very similar to other maps because I like certain elements of them. Because of this, I dont make maps. But that sure wont stop me from playing on custom maps! Its awesome to see such creative, interesting maps that Valve just won't dish out. Maps aren't the only thing im interested in, I love trading too! Im currently trying to make profit in unusual trading. So far so good! Besides maps and hats I find competitive TF2 to be quite interesting. I am so ambitious that I created my own Iron Highlander team after only playing in 4 scrims on another team. All of the members on my team were very impressed with my amount of organization and knowledge of comp TF2 for being a rookie. Sadly I had to disband the team due to personal reasons but I might start another team sometime in the future after I refine my own skill in TF2. Sniper and Solly are my favorite classes in TF2! Time to end this ridiculously long and unnecessary post about yours truly.
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    Heya! Don't feel too bad about making something similar to things you enjoy in other maps; that's actually a good way to get started. Consider putting your own spin on things, tweaking something just a bit to encourage new gameplay, or mixing in an entirely new, untested idea. Not everything works out well, but you never know until you try, so don't be afraid to try new things!

    Also, if you like playing custom maps, make sure you join our steam group (link is on the main page) so you can get notified whenever we play some new custom maps for testing.
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    Welcome to the forums!
    If you don't know where to start when making a map, take inspiration from you favorite ones. Look at the parts you most like, copy and join them in a way that at least for you makes sense. That should be enough practice, but make sure you know the basics of hammer first! :D

    And here are some useful pages to help you on your quest!

    [Video Tutorials] How to Make TF2 Maps consider yourself lucky. Crash didn't make this awesome tutorial series when I started :c
    Readme 1st: Common TF2 mapping mistakes and how to fix them - Things you should avoid
    Team Fortess 2 Level Creation - This is kind of a wiki of TF2 level design/making, you'll want it bookmarked when you get into mapping!
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    Hi welcome to TF2Maps! We hope you enjoy your stay. Around the corner, first door on your left is the cafe. We serve free breakfast from 6 am to 11 am. Biscuits are there on Tuesdays. We are now upgrading to have pizzas with sauce, but no cheese from 11:30 am to 2 pm!
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    Oh hello there! Welcome to the forums!

    Like Richter said,you should join the Steam group so you get notified whenever they start doing a gameday/impromptu (basically it's a "DAY OF TESTING CUSTOM MAPS" kind of deal.

    Also don't feel bad to make something that looks similar to another thing. Your maps will get a TON of changes during the process,so don't worry about it. We all want to see and test those maps,and ideas,and everything you have in mind.

    Like I said,welcome to the forums! ;D
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    I was told there would be snacks. I was lied to.
    Welcome to the site. *grumbles about no snacks for 3 hours to self*