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    Hi...um...I'm new obviously and I'm extremely interested in mapping! I registered like 5 minutes ago and I don't quite understand TF2Maps.net yet and I thought that introducing my self would be a great start. I have currently attempted to make 3 maps and am in the works of making one right now. If you want to see it I would be happy to post some screenshots, but for the moment I have none. The map is not playable yet, but all it needs to be playable is some clipping, health and ammo kits, death pits, and the control point. Its a Koth map and I see potential. I think my next step will be getting it to be playable. Recent work on the map has been on detailing which may not be a great idea.

    If you can't tell I have been researching a ton of videos, documents, and valve forums for information on how to use hammer, and so far I do. I would still appreciate help from anyone though. :)

    I started map making when I was 12 with COD 2 and my dad was really responsible for this, but where I took off on creativity he stopped entirely. When he stopped so did I, and for 5 years I did nothing in this area of art until this summer. My resparked interest came from Crash as an UEAKCrash. Its thanks to him and his incredible tutorials that I am once again at it. Also from a gameplay standpoint; 7 years of playing this game has made me understand map design.

    Thanks for reading and don't be afraid to chat with me. I hope to dive head into this website, and doing that is not my style. I tend to have a bit of a commitment issue so I'm breaking my mold on this one. Thanks again!
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    It's nice to see your enthusiasm, glad to have you. Hope to see you stick around.
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    Hey there, welcome! Hope you have a good time here.