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    Obligatory introduction post.

    Salutations go here.

    List of past experience goes here. Short.

    No mention of ponies anywhere.

    Plans for future maps go here.

    Welcome replies from users hoping to get their post count up go beneath.

    (Am I right? :p)

    All silliness aside, I've been mapping for a few months now, and I've played tf2 for just over a year. (F2P, I know, but I've spent at least 20$ on keys and stuff so leave me alone.) About 1300 hours of playing so far, if I remember correctly. I play competitive 6v6 when I can, but I'm not very good. I hope to map for competitive one day, though my skills aren't up to par just yet. See you in the forums!
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    But you just mentioned ponies.

    And so did I.

    Hey there.