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    Hi, I'm Robot3x. I am part of Robot X series produced by the MOM Corporation.

    Seriously though, I just started playing TF2 in July and have become horribly addicted. I've never played multiplayer online much at all in the past. And though I enjoy FPS, my favorite games tend to be strategy. I like TF2 because it combines the two genres very well.

    I got it in my head a few years ago that I was going to build an open-world/adventure game by myself and tinkered with the Torque engine and Blender and some other things, and built a rudimentary FPS as a test and realized that I was in way over my head. I had forgotten about it until I started working on a map with Hammer last week and realized how familiar a lot of this stuff is. I am having to re-learn a lot though.

    I love making a map. It's a lot of fun deciding the best way to set it up for optimal fun for all classes.