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    How i got here?

    well i was searching google for good tuts on map making for TF2.

    Came across this site (which i never knew existed..) and started to browse this place out.

    Saw cool WIP's and stuff

    but when i wanted to taste some of this awesome stuff it needed registration.
    Soo... *DUN DUN DUN DUUUUN* I registered :D

    Anywho, i hope to make something out of this registration here, i may ask alot of questions in the help threads and such because all the tutorials that i found weren't so helpful at some points, and when I'm mapping and testing my maps
    and these wierd stuff happen with no good reason.

    So if i may, heres the question:

    I've made a map, and wanted to add a light source so the map will have shadows and stuff, i edited the light source properties to my likings, and BAM!
    when i play the map the whole level is pitch dark!

    I tried following a tutorial on that and it still was pitch dark.

    Sooo.. help please :)

    Much Appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forums bud, a great link for everything is the one in my sig, Mapping resource link.

    As for your light problem.

    Make sure you are using "lights" not spot_light *for now anyways* and make sure there light value is good enough to see at least, maybe around 200. Also make sure your light isnt "in" a brush.

    If your level is outside, or has some outside parts you could use light_env which is experimental lighting. It takes a bit more to compile, but is realistic =)

    If your still having trouble with lights but want to see what your level looks like and want to worry about lights letter you can in game "sv_cheats 1" "mat_fullbright 1" will make your whole level light up.

    If you want to hop on our steam chat *link front page, left* any one on would be more then willing to look at your .vmf file and see whats going wrong =)

    Welcome !
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    Thats a very organized resource you got there i hope ill fix this problem up

    thanks for the help!