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    I am new to the site and mapping for TF2. I mapped for Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source before this, which seems to be where most you have come from also.

    Right now, I am working on one TF2 map, one of those boring five point symmetrical ones, just so I can get used to the textures that TF2 has to offer, the entities, and the new features :p

    I am planning on making a goldrush style map as soon as the stuff to do it is released.
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    Big welcome Remix, im sure you've already found our tutorial section, also check the thread in my signature for help and links all around.

    drop in steam chat some time as well =)
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    Glad to have you with us m8 :) I also mapped DM for a number of years. TF2 is pretty close, but doesn't have nearly the flexibility. For me, the hardest part was learning the mechanics of all the various gameplay entities. Once you have that down, it's a snap. Make sure you check the tutorial section, lot of good stuff there. Welcome to the group!