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    I'd like to say hello to you all at TF2Maps.net. I've been looking at these forums for a while now & have utilised some of your resource packs etc so I thought it only fair to pop long, sign-up & say hello.

    I'e been into gaming for a long time although only been into FPS's since BF2 was released. I'm a senior member of the UK1 clan (clan playing BFBC2 atm). I've always played TF2 since I bought the orange box & always find myself playing it in between the current clan game of choice!

    I'm a controls engineer by trade but at the moment I'm travelling the world with my FPO for a couple of years (career break). During quiet times whilst travelling I'm able to have some fun with the hammer editor & I've also managed to play a bit of TF2 (on some Korean servers - they were VERY good players!).

    I cannot really offer anything to you all for any advise I may receive but I can offer my experience as an engineer and my knowledge of places I have visited if that can help. Just check out my Flickr account in my sig.

    Anyway......enough of me ;)
    Have fun & enjoy life!

    ps. I love Valve & Steam (there...I said it :eek:hmy:)
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    Welcome! Feel free to join us on the steam group chat sometime
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    Click the image to get more info about mapping! [​IMG]

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    Welcome to the forums!

    Being an engineer might make for some interesting maps ideas... Can't wait to see what you have!