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    So I'm Darth Cyrax, call me by either "Darth" or "Cyrax" for short.
    I'm a very green tf2 mapper with a couple questions.
    So far I haven't even made my own map, but have mostly just edited existing ones.
    People really seem to like what I create as in gameplay, but my maps are very sloppy from a designer's standpoint because I'm not exactly experienced.
    So expect a couple of new threads from me here soon asking a couple of noobish questions, I look forward to hearing your ideas and opinions.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, my favorite class is engineer and my favorite map is WARPATH!
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    Welcome :thumbup1:

    Gain experience through practice! lots of it. There are loads of usefull references and tutorials in my sig link, very useful link. Don't forget the tutorials section either, or the steam group chat room, always people in there willing to give advice, test things or discuss anything and everything.