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Hello there !

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by TNTantoine, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. TNTantoine

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    Hello TF2mappers !

    Glad to be here and nice to meet this awesome community. :)

    My name is TNTantoine (but call me antoine, it's shorter :p) and i'm new to this mapping community. I always loved ValvE prods and TF2 is my favourite Multiplayer FPS since errr... 3 years ! :D

    I started using the source SDK one year ago and I only learned the basics of the Hammer tool. But I do have a lot of projects in my bag ! One of them is a little KoTH map in beta phase (if anyone is interested to make de graphic part of it, I am a dummy for textures and al this stuff...) and I just started a 3CP Factory attack these days.

    My dream is to be Level Designer (or maybe Game Designer) and I think the Source SDK is the best tool you can use to learn !

    See ya on the forums/servers !

  2. Engineer

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    Click the image to get more info about mapping! [​IMG]

  3. DJive

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    Welcome to the community Antoine
  4. Fr0Z3nR

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    Welcome to the forums and the community, Enjoy your stay, beverages and pretzels in the back.